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Success in education


Teachers have a large role to play. Many recognise that handling cultural diversity in class is difficult. Large proportions of teachers in several countries feel they need more professional development in the areas of teaching in a multicultural setting.

While teachers are critical to the success of migrant students' so to are their families.

Family learning


Students are better learners when their parents are involved in their education. While migrant parents often have high aspirations for their children they may face multiple obstacles to becoming involved in their child/ren's schooling. Children in migrant families are key actors in the process as they broker communication between school and their own families.

Supporting integration for migrant families


Newly-arrived migrants often lack time or money to invest in their child/ren's education. They may also feel alienated and unwelcome, especially if they or their child has encountered discrimination or abuse. Communities and schools need new ways to communicate with migrant parents.

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